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A Message to Seine Netters:
"No They are Not Bugs, and they Don't Bite" as is commonly percieved of these first two orders of Crustaceans: Amphipoda, and Isopoda.
Their huge populations make them an emensely important link in the food chain.
1.  Size from a few mms to a 1/2" or more, though the most common are about 3/8"
2.  Most are segmented and compressed laterally with 7 pair of appendages.  The first 2 pair are called Gnatapods with hooklike claws, the next 5 pair are walking legs with the first 2 bent forward and the last 3 bent backward.
3. Amphipods are primary consumers that are both omnivores and detrivores, which means they'll eat almost any organic matter small enough eat.  That for the Barnegat Bay Estuary means Detritus (90% decayed vegetative mater) which not only makes their populations imense, but makes them an indispensable link in the "Detrital Food Chain"

         Scud Amphiod: (Gammarus oceanicus)     
Scud Amphipod: ( Gammarus cheureuxi)
   (Species ID only because of  white eye)
Unknown Amphipod 
Unknown Amphipod 1
Family- Isopoda
BALTIC ISOPOD: (Idotea baltica)