#0 Charlie Bergers' Lease from the Barnegat Inlet

I say "From the Barnegat Inlet" because  that's where  Charlies' lease was, and right on the edge too.  Because of that, and the unforgiving  affects of tidal currents, and storms, this iconic lease, like so many other historic sites on this unique peninsula, have slipped into time, remaining only in the photographic record, and the minds and hearts of those close to it.

#1 Skinners Lease from the Water 

#2 Skinners Lease in Winter 

Desauls Boat House & Dock by Jobies Lease 

 #5 Winter Anchorage Alongside the Dock by Jobies Lease

#6 Monarch Butterfly Migration on Seaside Goldenrod

#7 Monarch Butterfly Migration on Seaside Goldenrod

#8 Horse Shoe Crab Breeding Migration on Barnegat Inlet

#9 Cordgrass (Spartina alternaflora )

The Iconic Grass of the Bayshore,and Marsh, One of the two immensely  important members of this Genus, the other being Salt Hay (Spartina patens).  But whereas Cordgrass can inhabit both the Low, and High Marsh,  Salt Hay is limited to the High Marsh, or areas that only receive tidal flooding twice a month on the new and full moon, whereas the Low Marsh is flooded twice a day with each high tide.  In fact in areas of low tidal influence it's said that Cordgrass is the only vascular plant that survives.  Their importance being that they make up the major part of the Detrital Food Chain, which in turn is said to be made up primarily of deteriorated plant mater  that supports all the immense population of life that exist in estuaries.

#9 Cordgrass (Spartina alternaflora )

#8 American Beach Grass (Ammophila breviligulata)

Just as Cordgrass is the Iconic grass of the Salt Marsh & Bayshore, American Beach Grass  is the Iconic Grass of the Primary Dunes.  The question is -Would we even have a Barrier Island if it weren't for this species?  It's dune building ability comes from it's extensive Root, and Rhizome systems.  Not only does it spread it's species horozontally, reinforcing dunes, but as the wind blown sand covers it, Rhizomes grow up verticaly creating a new plant, and reinforcing the dunes similar to the way Re-Bar reinforces concrete.  Some plants are said to have vertical Rhizomes stretching 40' high. Each year, towns up and down the Atlantic Coast, and especially on Island Beach because it's expanse, have Grass Planting Programs carried out by volunteer groups like the "Friends of Island Beach".

,#1 Fishing Creek

Almost directly behind the old 112 Coast Guard Station, with the old pilings still visible, used for mooring their boats.

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