The Red Fox of Barnegat Bay 
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The Red Fox
(Vulpes vulpes)
Having great success photographing the wading birds by focusing in on them from blinds led me use this great technique the beautiful Red Fox I'd often seen on the marsh.  And though it worked quite well, It seems that some of my best fox photos have come by taking advantage of opportunity-Sometimes right out of the truck window, others while focusing in on the animals of the marsh.  The shots below began in the late 80's when their numbers began to increase.

This apex predator of the Barnegat Bay Estuary can be found throughout its marshes and watershed, but there's no place you're more likely to see them than Island Beach State Park.  
#1 Fox in the dunes of Island Beach
Shot in late fall with it's beautiful winter pelt 
#2 Fox (kit) in heather

The kits (babies) begin leaving the den (with their mother as a guide) around May 
#3 Red Fox (dark phase) in the dunes
Yes this is a a red fox.  It's dark color is due to genetic alteration known as Melanism 
#4 Fox in the salt marsh off Island Beach

#5 Fox with diamondback 
#6 Fox under wild cherry tree
#17 Fox through cherry leaves
#18 Fox on the marsh

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